When Caroline Wagner sent her first daughter off to camp, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Ella LOVED it,” Caroline recalls. “The friends, the fun – she grew so much in a week.” The Wagners have since sent their two other children to Summer Camp , with similar results. “Summer Camp rocks!

1/8/2018  Happy New year....we all need to laugh or at least lie better?  Didn't even President ABE Lincoln say something about fooling We the People ....some of the time?

apachelife.com understanding our west

  • ACA Accredited
  • Lakeside location
  • Trained counselors
  • R.N. on-site
  • Scholarships
  • Certified swim instructors
  • Private stables

for     little ones

8/9/2017  Are there any kind, fair, and constitutional good lawyers in Florida who help Citizens?

Our day camps give younger children (K-3) the chance to enjoy nature in shorter, more manageable bursts. Each camp session has a theme such as Farm Life, Time Travelers or Dinosaur Dig.

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We offer overnight camps for 4th-6th and 7th-8th graders. Our goal is to build confidence and self-esteem through swimming, hiking, and horseback riding and social skills through communal living.

 3/26/2017 Is it odd when a church like Good Sheppard has a sign: DRESS TO KILL  both inside and outside the church….? The same church has also no trespassing sign by the County Sheriff Department; isn’t that a bit weird?  Maybe I’ll try to get my mail there, so I better keep this a secret!  see below

The Summer of a lifetime for children

3/27/2017   While we all want to have fun and play in the sun…Some Cities such as Lake Worth, Florida are so CORRUPT that they did not allow a whistle blower and Citizen named Daniel Mulligan to be free from their dirty slime... The city didn't  EVEN try to fix the sewage lines in 25 years…. Hard to believe but true see filed documents below..

Sorry, the rest of the file will be put out later…I am still looking for work and getting my license back or …Thinking of doing comedy?


Our staff of 18 full-time counselors are specially trained and supervised on-site by a child development specialist. We have a Registered Nurse (RN) on the premises 24/7 when camp is in session.